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SHEVA-VILLA BOSSI is an important recording project born thanks to the collaboration between Accademia Europea Villa Bossi and the label Sheva Collection. It offers an additional promotion service for the Young Artists of the Accademia.

Sheva Collection is an Italian Label  basing  its operations in the UK at the impressive facilities of the Wyastone Estate near Monmouth. Nimbus Disc-and-Print, also at the same location, is already producing its CDs.

Sheva -Villa Bossi plans to develop a specialization in music on historical instruments (originals and replicas).
The artists involved in this venture are selected from among the YARs (young artists) of the Accademia Europea Villa Bossi: young talented musicians who come from all over the world to follow master classes held by some of the most important musicians and experts in historical instruments.

CDs recorded in the delightful rooms of Villa Bossi on instruments built or restored by BIZZI – Historical Keyboard Instruments will be added to the Sheva catalogue and distributed worldwide through the important network of international distributors that collaborate with Sheva.

Recording service is also available for other artists  who want to use our recording studios. These recordings will be edited in Villa Bossi by another label of Sheva group.

We will be happy to explain in more detail on request how this arrangement works and the various options open to you, should you wish to consider working with us.

Choose your historical instrument

For their recording, artists have the possibility to choose one or more instruments from the important historical keyboard instruments park of Villa Bossi.

Originals: fortepiano Boehm 1824, fortepiano Weiss ca 1830, fortepiano Bowitz ca 1830, square piano Pleyel 1835, piano Pleyel 1842, piano Rousselot 1834, piano Erard 1881, piano Erard 1899, modern piano Bluethner 1954.

Replicas (Harpsichord ande fortepianos BIZZI): French double manual harpsichord Goermans-Taskin 1764-81, French double manual harpsichord Taskin 1769, German double manual harpsichord Zell 1728, Flemish double manual harpsichord Ruckers 1638, French harpsichord Blanchet, Italian harpsichord Grimaldi 1679, Fortepiano Stein ca 1760, Fortepiano Walter 1789, Fortepiano Walter und Sohn 1805.

Cost and service

YAR special price for the full service: € 1000 (+ VAT where applicable)

Price for other artists: on demand according to the service required

The full service includes the use of a recording studio equipped for two days, the use of  the chosen  instrument, the tuning service, an accurate post-production work for two days together with the musician (even in the distance), general assistance.