Theatre workshops

Laboratorio Teatrale

Once upon a time…

Theatre workshop for kindergartens

The theatre workshops create an opportunity to live theatre as a way of expression and communication. This workshop, suggested for kindergarten children, creates a first contact with the world of the representation, under the guide of qualified experts in theatre teaching.

This workshop stimulates the observation and expression skills in the children, as well as their socialization skill, making them part of a fairy world.

The traditional fairytales are told giving shape to the different characters, with specific voices and accessories, while children are stimulated through questions and actions that involve them gradually in the play: someone could become a talking tree, someone else could help the protagonist by giving him the tools of his jobs, two friends could point out that there are some little mistakes in the narration, created with the purpose of developing a critical sense: why is Little Red Riding Hood wearing yellow?

Let’s theatre!

Theatre workshop for primary schools

This workshop has the aim to show how listening, emotional participation and attention are essential in the world of theatre.

What is theatre? How do we behave when we have to speak and act while someone is watching and listening to us carefully? Under the guide of qualified experts in theatre teaching, primary school children are accompanied to the construction of movement and to the use of the voice in the prospect of an exhibition in front of an audience. The level of the exercises is based on the age of the pupils.

Learning how to use our body and our voice helps our self-awareness and improves our expressiveness, we learn the importance of listening, also including how to feel and appreciate silence. The concepts of immobility and movement, silence and noise, are analyzed with specific exercises and results in an expressive theatre series of word-movement-silence.

The actor’s job

Theatre workshop for secondary schools

What is acting? Is finding an audience, moving on the stage and speaking with a proper voice enough to do it well? What does this job involve, how do we grab the attention and the emotions of people?

Secondary school boys and girls try to answer to these apparently simple questions by approaching to the job of the actor in an experimental way, thus training their observation skills as well as their expressiveness and relationship abilities.

After the observation of some examples proposed by the teacher, the students are invited to make questions and show their own opinion about the psychological and physical characteristics of the characters, in order to internalize their lives and return them on stage, building movements and using their voices in the prospect of an exhibition in front of a possible audience.

This work is carried out considering the students’ psychological and physical features and with the help of specific tools and costumes. It results in the creation of simple characters with clear traits, like a jealous husband or a thief running away from a bank, and in the design of scenes and dialogues with two or three characters.

Teacher: Sarah Collu

Actress and theatre teacher

Sarah Collu approached theatre since her first years at primary school and grew her passion with perseverance during high school, when she decided to dedicate entirely to this art. In 2003 she graduated in Acting at the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan.

She completed her education attending master classes with internationally renowned teachers and directors like François Kahn, Nikolaji Karpov, Cristina Pezzoli, Corrado D’Elia, Pierpaolo Sepe, widening her technical knowledge and building her own character study method and her approach to the text. She is also specialized in cinema acting with Simone Gandolfo and in dubbing with Bruno Slavieno.

After having worked with many Italian directors, in 2014 she created and managed the season RED CARPET Teatro with Serena Nardi and Vittorio Bizzi, constantly gaining success and audience with more than five new productions per year. RED CARPET productions are not just played in its mother town, Varese, but are always more appreciated in several seasons in Milan.

Sarah Collu’s teaching activity has grown through the meeting with different methods, with dedication, study and practice which are equal to the ones she dedicates to her activity as an actress. Her lessons and workshops show her attention to the individual and to his instinctive creativity, discovering a natural method in the pupil through a spontaneous and curious journey towards a full and shared expression.

In 2010 Sarah Collu founded, together with Andrea Benvenuto and Vittorio Bizzi, the permanent theatre workshop Teatri Speziati, based in Villa Bossi.

Since 2014 she is the main regular professor at Giorni Dispari Teatro, the biggest theatre school in Varese. She is a responsible for courses in verbal communication, scene movement, acting, character study and actor training, teaching to 3-year-old children up to the adults. She also runs workshops for children and boys in other primary and secondary schools, she manages specific theatre animation programs for children, she holds master classes for actors on character study. She also manages theatre team building activities for companies and other institutions, thus allowing groups of all types to obtain a deep individual knowledge and a powerful collective energy through theatre.