Pythagoras Workshop


The instrument making workshop

Designed by Associazione Musicale Villa Bossi, this workshop introduces children and boys to the world of instrument manufacturing in a pragmatic way, and it is a perfect complement to the guided tour “At the Court of Sound”.

This workshop involves children and boys in the manufacture of a simple musical instrument: the monochord, an important research instrument invented by Pythagoras that enables our youngest guests to experience the sound production for the first time and train their ear, while the eldest students can start an interdisciplinary study that involves Music, Math, Arts and History.

The teacher will equip the students with the kit of the monochord, complete with of all the tools required for this little artwork of lutherie, and will guide them into an accurate assembly of the instrument.

When the work is finished, an expert will explain how to use the monochord in order to understand how the sound is produced, to learn the first elements of harmony and, if the students’ age permits, to demonstrate the influence of the harmonic relations on the entire human thought.