The Project


A new project for Young Artists

The Accademia Europea Villa Bossi is an innovative teaching structure which includes courses for all the most important historical instruments one can find on the musical scenery in the XVI through XIX century and, from 2014-2015, also for modern piano.
The team of professors of the Accademia include some of the most renowned artists in the world of historical instruments.
The Accademia attracts students from all over the world.

The main goal of the Accademia is to introduce our Young Artists in the professional world of the concerts.
We also welcome adult students and amateurs of different levels.

The origin of the Accademia goes back to the enriching experiences of the memorable “Laboratorio of Guido Bizzi” in Milano and to the lively activities which took place in the Milan of the years 70s.
Among the creations of the Laboratorio we wish to recall the foundation of the Scuola di Liuteria of Milano and the restoration of the Musical Collection of the Museum of the Teatro alla Scala.
In the same years we have observed the international growth of the company BIZZI – Historical Keyboard Instruments, today leader in its field of activity.

High level masterclasses

The Accademia is organized by week end masterclasses (MWE) in the period between October and June every year.
This makes the courses be compatible with other musical studies or professions.

The students of the Accademia have the possibility to attend lessons with three different professors for each subjects of study and are allowed to assist all courses as auditors. In addition they have free access to all the rehearsal rooms and instruments.

The chance to meet the highest level of teachers enables the participants to complete their regular studies in Conservatories or other music institutes and get prepared to approach the profession of concert performer.
This is a strong motivation for young musicians who are aware of the difficulties related with the performing level that is required in today’s highly competitive world.

A large collection of instruments

One of the fundamental aspects of our teaching system is the practice on historical instruments. Students are requested to play on several different types of originals or replicas belonging to our collection.
We have over 30 instruments available, including harpsichords, fortepiani, clavichords, orginal historical pianos,  modern pianos and organs.
Our instruments have been produced or restored thanks to the cooperation between Accademia Europea Villa Bossi and BIZZI – Historical Keyboard Instruments.

Starting up new careers

The program of the Accademia includes a high number of concerts which are part of the teaching system.
Some of them are planned in in the Villa Bossi season “Red Carpet” which takes place in the “Antica Cantina” of Villa Bossi.
In addition, the Accademia organizes concerts in other festivals and seasons.
The idea is to offer our Young Artists concerts together with other services and the necessary assistance to help them start their professional activity.

Just like in the XVIII century

A Master Week End or a Summer Workshop at Villa Bossi is not just a great teaching experience.
People are coming from all over the world to meet other musicians who play the same or other instruments, with the intention to get in touch with other cultures, creating new forms of cooperation and setting up new ensembles, groups or even orchestras.

The building of Villa Bossi was established between XVI and XVIII century. The teaching rooms take place close to the BIZZI workshop where every day our “liutai” work at manufacturing instruments, thus having a continuous exchange of information which enriches both musicians and makers.
This very vision of making music was a distinguishing character in the past, particularly till the end of the XVIII century, before the industrial era burst on the scene, cancelling one of the most fascinating aspects of making music.
Another feature of the Accademia is our purpose to encourage meetings among generations and cultures. Young and adult students live a stimulating experience at the Accademia, not only through music but also exchanging personal and artistic stories, advices or even cooking recipes where often… professors have something to say.
An exciting opportunity for all of us.

The piano between past and future

The year 2014-15 introduces an important teaching subject: master classes on modern piano. The courses will refer to the entire history of the piano: in addition to the study of modern composers we will approach the XVIII-XIX cent. composers with the purpose to shift the performing practice on historical instruments onto the modern piano. The matter will be carried out at the same time as the practice on historical pianos.
This is an important opportunity to encourage the melting of two worlds which have been too distant from each other, while they are both fundamental for the full knowledge of the piano as from the beginning of its history. The magic sound of the original instruments meets the great expressive qualities of the modern piano, in an exchange which will certainly bring great results.


The Accademia Villa Bossi aims at a highly significant objective, which is being considered and supported by important conservatories in our Country by offering a high level teaching program, designed for integrating regular studies.
In fact, we all know that all music schools do not have a structure suitable to accompany students into the professional world, which is something that requires instead a specific preparatory work.
The agreements signed with the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome and the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan are a meaningful example of the vision which whom the two main Italian music institutes face the challenges of the modern world, where even teaching is more and more competitive.
That’s why our teaching model is based on teach-and-work program, just to give our students, in addition to a specific education, also the basic instructions about career and image management and even administration tips which are useful when we are not used to bureaucracy and papers.