At the Court of Sound

Fabbrica del clavicembalo

At the Court of Sound

Villa Bossi guided tour

“It’s as if Villa Bossi was waiting for you.
You don’t tiptoe as in other historical residences, but with slow and safe footstep, as if you were at home.
The breath lingers a little bit, in order to keep the perfume of the stone and the ancient wood, in the attempt of saving the image of the garden, of the avenue of poplars through the glass of the window, of the light on the balcony.
Villa Bossi communicates history, care, elegance and refined sobriety.
Being received by this residence is like letting yourself fall into a maternal embrace, that keeps a place for you even in its most hidden crannies.
It has vibrant caves in the deep, as the ancient cellar, which whispers love sounds even without an orchestra.
Many are the rooms that can be opened in the soul, on invisible worlds, bringing the sight far away towards new perspectives, without any anxiety along the lines of escape.
It’s simple to think that the people living there are made of the same beauty.
Thank you.”
(Message from a teacher, the day after she visited Villa Bossi with her students)

The guided tour “At the Court of Sound” gives children and boys, from kindergartens to high schools, a chance to observe and feel the activity of instrument making or lutherie, to learn the history of musical instruments through a unique collection and to enjoy the charm of Villa Bossi and its history.

The Ancient Cellar

An introduction in the sixteenth-century cellar shows the history of the Bossi family and the villa, explains the principles of harpsichord making and the other lutherie activities.

The Harpsichord Atelier

The visit continues in the ateliers where it is possible to watch the different steps of the construction of the harpsichord, from the sound box to the decoration, from the stringing to the voicing. By meeting the luthiers, their materials and equipment it is possible to learn the main principles of the sound production and understand how musical instruments work.

The Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments

A fascinating collection hosts original medieval, renaissance and baroque historical instruments and many copies at different stages of their construction, together with the materials and the tools of instruments manufacturing.

The Eighteenth-century Wing and the Italian Garden

Our guides will show the historical environments of the villa, built between the Sixteenth century and the Eighteenth century: the ancient kitchen, the halls with original frescoes, the library with the ancient billiard table, the period furnishing and antiques. Then our guests accompanied into the wonderful Italian garden, enclosed by the hornbeam hedges and dominated by the imposing three-hundred-year magnolia, where they can admire the blossoms that alternate in the seasons.

A little concert

The tour ends with a musical moment played on the harpsichord, so that children and boys, as well as the adult visitors, can finally understand and live the result of the lutherie work: the wood becomes Music.

Useful information

The guided tour “At the Court of Sound” is about two hours long, nevertheless our guides can adjust the duration of the tour according to the needs of our visitors.
Our tours are available in Italian, English, French and German.