Participation Mode



The courses are open to students of all levels. The professor will be assigned according to the preference expressed by the candidate and to musical levels.

Application procedure

Students may apply for the courses or just ask for information by clicking on the link “APPLY FOR THE COURSES” which can be found on the vertical menu on the left.

Students may choose to study with more than one professor during the same year.


The maximum number of participants is 8 students per MWE.
The applications will be examined according to the date of reception of the Application Form.

Applications can be considered accepted when the candidate receives a confirmation by the Accademia, that must be followed by a downpayment.


During the MWEs the Accademia structure is available from Thursday 12,00 noon to Monday 12,00 noon. Lessons will be held from 9,00 AM to 6,00 PM.
All students have the right to take al least at one lesson per day during the MWE, and have at disposal rooms and instruments for practice.
All students have the right to assist to the lessons of all professors. The classes will also be open to auditors.

Teaching principles

The teaching programs and the repertoires are indicated in the page of every professor (see menu “Professors”).
Generally students are free to chose according to their personal interest.


At completion of each schoolyear the Accedemia will release an Attestato di Partecipazione.

Participation fees 2017

The participation fees for two-days-MWEs are the following:
– Soloists: 200 €
– Duos: 250 €
– Trios or bigger groups: 300 €

The participation fees for three-days-MWEs are the following:
– Soloists: 250 €
– Duos: 300 €
– Trios or bigger groups: 350 €

Summer Workshop with Bart van Oort and Geoffrey Govier:
– Full workshop (2 lessons with van Oort and 2 with Govier): 350 €
– Short workshop (1 lesson with va Oort and 1 with Govier): 200 €

Payment during the first day of each MWE (directly at the registration office of the Accademia).


The auditor participation fee for all courses is 100 €.
The Villa Bossi Friends benefit of a reduced fee of 50 €.


Professors and students usually sejourn in the “Agriturismo Pasquè”, which has an agreement with our Accademia.
The prices of the rooms, which include breakfast, are the following: 40 € for a single room, 30 € per person for a double room, 25 € per person for a triple room (if available).
The Accademia will take care of the booking, considering your preferences.