Sigiswald Kuijken

Sigiswald Kuijken

Sigiswald Kuijken

Sigiswald Kuijken (born 1944) graduated with a diploma in violin performance from the Brussels conservatory in 1964. From that year until 1972 he was a member of the Brussels-based Alarius Ensemble. Starting in the late 1960s, he collaborated frequently with, among others, Gustav Leonhardt, Frans Brüggen, Anner Bylsma, René Jacobs, and especially his brothers Wieland and Barthold, and with Robert Kohnen. In 1969 he introduced a more historically accurate manner of playing the Baroque violin (without holding the instrument under the chin). From 1971 to 1996 he taught Baroque violin at the “Koninklijk Conservatorium” in The Hague. Since 1993 he has been a teacher of Baroque violin at the “Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium” in Brussels. In 1972, Sigiswald Kuijken founded the Baroque orchestra “La Petite Bande” and in 1986 the Kuijken String Quartet. As a violinist, conductor and teacher he has been active throughout Europe, and in Australia, the Far East and South America.

Since 1998, Sigiswald Kuijken occasionally conducts “modern” symphonic orchestras in romantic programs ( Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Mendelssohn).

In 2004 Sigiswald Kuijken reintroduced in practical performance the violoncello da spalla (shouldercello) for concerts and recordings.

On 2 February 2007, Sigiswald Kuijken received an honorary doctorate of the K.U. Leuven.

Sigiswald Kuijken was granted in February 2009 the prestigious ”Life Achievement Award of the Flemish Government “

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