Anna Kiskachi

Anna Kiskachi

Anna Kiskachi

Anna Kiskachi – pianist, harpsichordist and hammer-klavierist- was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow Handel’s School of Moscow in piano (class of Vsevolod V. Demidov), Academic Music College attached to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (class of People’s Artist of Russia Victor Bunin). During the school period Anna became the laureate of children and youth competitions and festivals, the scholarship holder of the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation, of the “New Name” International Charity Foundation.

Still in college Anna had shown great interest in Baroque music, enthusiastically engaged in the harpsichord.

In 2007 she entered the Moscow State Conservatoire’s Department of Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts, where she studies piano under Professor Michael E. Dubov, harpsichord under professor Olga A. Filippova, hammer-klavier under professor Alexei B.Lubimov, her chamber ensemble class are led by People’s Artist of Russia, professor Ivan G. Sokolov, Irina V. Krasotina, vice-rector of Moscow conservatory, president of the International Chamber Music Association Alexander Z. Bonduryansky. In 2007 Anna also entered the Dusseldorf Anton Rubinstein Akademie (Germany), where her piano teacher is worldwide well-known professor Dina Yoffe.

Anna Kiskachi has been a prize-winner of International Competitions:
– Classical Heritage, In memory of Sergey Rachmaninov, Moscow, Russia (2001)
– Classical Heritage, In memory of Fryderyc Chopin, Moscow, Russia (2002)
– International Ibla Grand Prize competition, Ragusa, Italy (2004, 2nd prize and special prize For talent)
– Osaka International competition, Japan (2009, 3rd prize)
– International competition Musica-classica in chamber music nomination, Ruza, Russia, (2009, 3rd prize)

Anna Kiskachi has participated in various international festivals, including UNESCO International festival “New Names”– Summer Art School in Suzdal (Russia), “Slavic Spring “ (Czech Republic), “La primavera slava” (Italy), “Rencontres Estivales au Moulin” (France), “Resonant Thoughts” (Italy), “Palazzo Ricci” (Italy), “New Virtuosi” (Great Britain), Bach Festival (Poland).

Anna has a record on the radio “Orpheus” and “Russian world”.

Anna Kiskachi’s repertoire includes music from all epochs and styles. The performer has a busy concert schedule, has performed on the stages of famous concert halls in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Japan.

Anna is in the team of the Young Artists of the Accademia Europea Villa Bossi in Bodio – Italy.