Duo Accardo – Bissolo

Duo Accardo-Bissolo

The “Daccapo – italian harpsichord duo” was born in 2013 with a double role: on the one hand to offer the originally literature writted for two keyboard instruments, as the Majestic works by Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons’s peculiar compositions, works of musicians like Telemann, Krebs, Schaffrath, Mozart, Cherubini until our contemporary composers; on the other hand to show some famous “Concerti Grossi” – arranged in a originally way for two harpsichord – from italian baroque ‘s great authors (Corelli, Vivaldi). The freshness and brightness of this repertory, because of marked virtuosismo in most cases of the compositions, are the main characteristic of Daccapo’s concerto. The “Daccapo” exhibited in many place in Italy like Piacenza, Cagliari, Pula, Alghero, San Ginesio, Bodio Lomnagno, Somma Campagna.

Born in 1981, he graduated in Organ and in Harpsichord at Conservatorio of Verona; he also graduated, with the highest honours, at University of Musicology in Cremona. He took many masterclass in ancient music with M. Radulescu, E. Bellotti, T. Koopman, P. Peretti, G. Parodi e S. Rattini. He took a master in Historic Organ at Musikhochschule, in Trossingen., with E.Bellotti and J.Halubek.
He played as soloist and “continuo” in many festival in Italy and in Europe (Festival Festival Solideo Gloria in Reggio Emilia, Organi Storici Cremonesi, the Concerti dell’Università di Costanza, the Stunde der Kirchenmusik in Stoccarda, Festival Mozart in Rovereto, festival Echi Lontani in Cagliari, the Cantantibus organis in Milano, festival Baroque Mürz in Austria and Concerts d’été à Sarrebourg in France).
Prize winning at organistic competition in Fano Adriano, Salerno, Acqui Terme and in chamber music at Neuburg an der Donau. He was invited many times as teacher at Europäische Akademie für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Montepulciano.
In musicology sphere, he cataloged the operistic manuscripts at Accademia Filarmonica in Verona and also published the complete Gregorio Strozzi’s edition Capricci da sonar cembali et organi.

Born in 1985, he graduated in Piano at Conservatorio of Cagliari and in Harpsichord at Conservatorio of Piacenza. He also took a master in Harpsichord, at Conservatorio of Piacenza, with the highest honours. He took many masterclass with musicians like Cristine Schornsheim, Olivier Baumont, Pierre Hantai. He graduated, cum laude, in Etnomusicology as Cagliari’s University and in Musicology at University of Musicology in Cremona. He played as pianist and harpsichord player in many italian places like Cagliari, Alghero, Milano, Pula, Parma, Piacenza, Borca di Cadore, Cremona. In musicology sphere, he is taking part in a resarch project about “Celebrazioni musicali Cagliaritane, 1937”. He did recording and researches about the Holy Week Celebrations in Bonnanaro (Sardinia). He took part in many conference as speaker.

Il “Daccapo” Duo Accardo/Bissolo  is in the team of the Young Artist of Accademia Europea Villa Bossi in Bodio Lomnago  (Varese)- Italy