Vera Kryukova

Vera Kryukova was born in a family of musicians on June 15, 1989.

At the age of 6 years she began to study music at a music school in Pushchino in a grand piano class. In 2003 she successfully passed examinations and entered the Musical college Prokofiev by name in the city Pushkino ( Milovanova’s class).

In 2009 she entered the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow, Department of Modern and Historic Performance Art, the class of associate professor Ekaterina Derzhavina. At present she is a student of a fifth year of the Moscow Conservatory.

She won the diploma “as a young and talented performer” in the 1st piano competition “Muse” in Santorini (2005) and participated in the concerts in such Moscow halls as Small Hall and Rachmaninovsky Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Chamber Hall of Moscow International House of Music, Crocus City Hall.

Vera Kryukova studied the art of performance with many eminent musicians such as Menno van Delft, Bob van Asperin, Jesper Christensen, Alexei Lubimov, Pierre Hantai, Ketil Haugsand, Elisabeth Joye.

Vera  is in the team of the Young Artists of the Accademia Europea Villa Bossi in Bodio – Varese, Italy.